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Activated Water: Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry One Spray at a Time

Posted on 20 June 2009

Water – our greatest resource.  We use water every day of our lives.  In fact, it’s the safest liquid we know and without it we couldn’t exist.

We’ve been using water to clean for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until recently that advances in technology allowed us to activate water’s natural cleaning ability to transform it into a powerful cleaner without the use of added chemicals.  By using activated water, we can replace many of today’s general-purpose chemical cleaners, which will help improve our health and the planet’s well being.

Activeion Cleaning SolutionsElectrically Activated Water

Recent findings show that activating, or adding a slight charge of electricity, to tap water makes it behave differently and clean more effectively than water in its natural state.  This activated water provides an efficient cleaning method while eliminating the need for harmful cleaning chemicals.

The science of activated water begins with a process called electrolysis.  Electrolysis involves placing two electrodes into water, connecting one electrode to the positive end of a power source and the other electrode to the negative end.  Applying a small amount of electricity to water breaks down the water’s molecules, lowering water’s natural surface tension and creating positively and negatively charged water ions.  In some applications it can add microscopic oxygen gas bubbles that also carry an electrical charge.

When applied to a surface in this electrolyzed form, water can spread to contact dirt, just like it does when mixed with chemicals.  The charged ions in the water attach to the dirt and help lift it from the surface.  Studies show that electrically activated water cleans as well as, or better than, traditional general-purpose cleaning chemicals.  Furthermore, the electrically activated water is completely safe and returns to its natural state in about 45 seconds.

The Benefits to Electrically Activated Water

For people who regularly touch and breathe in typical cleaning chemicals, electrically activated water is a welcome replacement.  As professionals turn to activated water to clean hospitals, schools, hotels and restaurants, this new cleaning method eliminates the serious health risks caused by touching, breathing or accidental splashing of toxic cleaning chemicals.

Beyond its safer qualities, activated water helps sustain greener environments.  Electrically activated water eliminates the disposal of harmful toxins into the earth.  It also reduces the resources required to manufacture, package, and ship dangerous chemicals because with activated water, there is no need to purchase bottles of cleaner, reducing unnecessary waste in landfills.  When it comes to the activated water system, all that’s needed is tap water.

Activated water works as well as general-purpose cleaning chemicals and contains no toxic chemicals, making it safer and healthier for people and the environment.  It’s the safest way to clean and the only way to clean without a chemical-related health warning being required.  The health benefits, environmental impact and cost savings are sure to make the use of electrically activated water systems the future of the cleaning industry.

Article by Todd Schaeffer
Vice President and General Manager for Activeion Cleaning Solutions, LLC

Activeion Cleaning Solutions recently launched the Activeion Pro, the first hand-held cleaner that uses activated water technology to transform tap water into a powerful cleaner.

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