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Do developing countries have too many children?

Posted on 07 January 2010

“People in Africa have too many children” an argument I frequently hear when talking about population.  Despite my strong disagreement with this statement, many people bring it up in one form or another when talking about climate change and population issues. The fact of the matter is, they do not have too many children when [...]

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Population growth and climate change

Posted on 21 August 2009

Reading through the various reports on climate change and environmental damage it can sometimes seem as though the problems we face are insurmountable. That, despite the hard work of environmental campaigners and those concerned with fair trade and green issues, we are merely forestalling inevitable environmental collapse. As the overdue realisation dawns on governments around [...]

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Science fiction and pragmatism

Posted on 03 March 2009

Reading through some scientific papers recently I was struck by the many, well-intentioned ideas for tackling climate change. These included solar arrays in space beaming back microwave energy to Earth, burying charcoal, pumping iron into the oceans and various ingenious devices designed to block out the sun’s rays. Whilst not questioning the need to seek [...]

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Would it be ethical to burn fossil fuels if it didn’t cause climate change?

Posted on 23 September 2008

Here I pose a hypothetical question: would it be ethical to burn fossil fuels if it didn’t cause climate change? Supposing that the scientific consensus turns out to be wrong. That the warming we are currently experiencing is actually part of a natural cycle unconnected with the billions of tonnes of carbon being pumped into [...]

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Climate scepticism – denial in the face of overwhelming evidence

Posted on 15 September 2008

The Bush administration has been responsible for quashing evidence for climate change, casting doubt, putting pressure on scientists and re-writing scientific reports. These actions are more akin to totalitarian regimes than to democracy and bring shame on the US. Now we have Sarah Palin, Republican number two, claiming that climate change is not related to [...]

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Climate change: Intuition and fact

Posted on 19 July 2008

I recently received a letter from a sceptic who claimed that the link between carbon emissions and climate change was a hoax, and that warming and cooling were part of a natural cycle that had always occurred throughout the Earth’s history. The scientific research linking the change in global temperatures to man-made emissions was apparently [...]


Better Search with Eco-Search

Posted on 18 June 2008

I just stumbled upon this lovely EcoSearch. These guys re-skinned google and created a nonprofit search that raises money for other environmentally nonprofits. Users search on, just as they would on any other search engine. The results come straight from Google, but here’s the cool thing – they donate all of the profits from [...]

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Managing Change : A Blue Print for an ‘Ecolution’

Posted on 12 March 2008

How many times have you witnessed your workplace changing? A few days ago I sat and participated in a workshop on change management. The very words ‘change management’ evoke all sorts of cynicism in me. I’ve seen my fair share of departmental re-structures in both the private and public sector. ‘Change management. What feeling do [...]

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Making Democracy Work For You

Posted on 12 February 2008

At last year’s Glastonbury Festival I stood in the Left Field Tent and listened to politician, Tony Benn make a rousing speech on democracy. Tony’s message was clear. “Democracy is not just voting every 5 years, watching Big Brother in between and wondering why nothing happens. Democracy is what we do and say. Where we [...]

Final Destination: House of Parliament

Posted on 19 November 2007

After a successful weekend at the south bank, the WWF giant boat & plane with thousands of names on them have been delivered to the House of Parliament. Let’s hope that MPs will get the message and support a truly effective Climate Change Bill.

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