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Nigel Berman – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: “It starts from home”

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I run an online eco retail shop and am committed to helping the earth in whatever way I can. I firmly believe that we as individuals can all make a difference by making greener and more ethical choices. For me, saving energy is a priority because this will not only save money, but it will also help preserve our planet. It means a change of attitude and giving up old habits, but ultimately it’s something we’re all capable of doing. Here are my top energy saving tips:

Don’t use stand by
Stand by electrical equipment light Gadgets left on stand by are responsible for producing 4 million tonnes of excess carbon dioxide (CO2) each year. An average family can save 150kg of CO2 a year just by turning off appliances. Appliances in standby mode account for around 10% of UK household energy use. If we switch off or unplug devices when not in use, or invest in a standby saver, you’ll save around £40 per year.

Use energy efficient lighting
In most homes, lighting accounts for 10 to 15% of the electricity bill. If we use a smart meter to compare the power consumption of normal light bulbs with that of low energy and energy saving light bulbs, we save about 80% of the energy of normal bulbs. It’s simple – use energy saving light bulbs!

Recharge those batteriesRecharge those batteries
We throw away over 650m batteries every year in the UK, polluting the soil and clogging up landfill sites. Rechargeable batteries save energy, and the slightly higher cost is recovered in the first five charges. Recharging costs are also minimal.

Watch your washing
I try not to wash my clothes on a setting above 40C. A wash at 60C uses 30% more energy, as 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is used to heat the water. I also use Eco Balls or a natural laundry soap called Soapods to minimise the effect of harmful chemicals being released into the environment.

Defrost your freezer
Melting ice It’s a messy job, but I try to defrost my fridge and freezer on a regular basis to maintain efficiency. I acquired a saving device developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy that helps me save up to 20% of my fridge’s energy by better regulating its power use. When fitted, it helps my fridge or freezer run more economically by adjusting the electricity supply according to the motor’s needs.

Lower the thermostat
I like woolly jumpers – wearing one means I can turn down the heating. Lowering the thermostat by just 1.5C can save up to 10% on heating bills and reduce the greenhouse gases households produce by up to a tonne.Nigel's Eco Store

Go to my website for more eco-friendly ideas and to see the full range of products available.

By Nigel Berman – Founder of www.nigelsecostore.com

Pascal Gillon – The amazing EZ eco tips for us, guys

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So, how do we help the environment without to think that we will lose some of our comfort and doing it without headaches?



WaterTurn off any light you do not use.

Turn off all stand buy machines that you do not use at night (TV, computers for example).

Use rechargeable batteries (you WILL save a lot of money at the end).

Use fluorescent light-bulbs everywhere you can in your house.

Cook things a few items at the same time: use the steam alone too, when boiling food and put the cover on after having turned the gas/electrics of the cooker off.

Save water by taking more showers than baths. Wash full loads of washing up and laundry (with cold rinse at least for the latter).


Tube trainDo NOT race off in your car when you are stopped at a traffic light and it turns from a red light to green. Just ease off.

Close all windows when you are on a motorway.

Do a few errands in one go, instead of a few trips a day.

Use the bus, tube even train each time you can.

Walk whenever you can (and that is good for your heart to).


Buy second hand booksBuy “as new”: each time you can. A car is a car. Second hands can be quite cheaper and reliable.

For books, audio visual items, apparels and more, buy as new (used) or very good from, for example, amazon.co.uk

Shop in charity shops:

  1. Prices are quite competitive.
  2. It is like buying an item that you do, by using it again, recycle.
  3. You can find collectables for a bargain.

Buy food in bulk and freeze what you can. (you save space and packaging too)

Buy organic whenever you can

Buy local products when you can.


Give hugsRecycle what you can, re use what you can, give what you can and only as the last resort, throw away things.

Use e mailing a lot, you save paper. If you send a gift, re use packaging and boxes too.

Volunteer if you can : smiles, hugs, thanks DO make you stronger and more complete as a man.

And that is it: within two or three weeks, that should be in place in your life and it becomes habit

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