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Book Review: The Transition Timeline

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Clearly laid out, simple to understand and full of visuals.  This book is revolves around the theme of peak oil and its wide ranging impacts.  Part handbook and  part summary of the scary climate predicament we find ourselves in – The Transition Timeline is designed to be a manual for change.

The first of this 5 part manual, uses 4 hypothetical scenarios, to lay out some perfectly plausible ways our future could develop.  Using time lines to spell out our demise, or success, focuses the readers attention.  Statements like ’2019 -  IPCC announces “its over” and that runaway climate change is now beyond human control’ sends a chill up your spine, whilst the more positive predictions ’2027 – Britain 96% self-sufficient in food’ leaves you with a sense of hope and possibility.  Possibility is central to the theme in this manual. Despite the depressing fact it doesn’t just leave you feeling like you can’t change the world.  On the contrary it leaves you feeling like you must change the world.  If you were wondering how this could be done, part of the manual even gives you a road-map to setting up Transition Groups to facilitate the social and cultural changes we need to secure our future.

Although UK-centric the principals and facts in this book could be used globally. Not just one for the coffee table, to convince your friends and family that the situation is dire and very real, but guidance and impetus for co-ordinated, structured change.  One message is clear – business as usual is not an option.

The Transition Timeline Through a Local, Resilient Future, by Shaun Chamberlin is available from www.greenbooks.co.uk.  ISBN 978 1 900322 56 0 Price £12.95

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